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SpunkBud: Got you horny yet?

SpunkBud: A little warm up is always nice don’t you think?

SpunkBud: Wanna keep his other head warm?

SpunkBud: He’s eager, what are you waiting for?

SpunkBud: Hot young hunk with a sexy uncut dick!

SpunkBud: Want a taste? Might leave you wanting more…

SpunkBud: He’s so fucking sexy!

OralPig: Too much? Fuck no!

SpunkBud: Nice spread!

SpunkBud: Stop gawking and start sucking

SpunkBud: Fucking hot!

SpunkBud: Meet you in the locker room

SpunkBud: Too fucking hot!

SpunkBud: Damn sexy!

OralPig: Awesome deepthroat!

SpunkBud: So hot!

OralPig: Deeper!

OralPig: Suck that cock!