Change Is Coming!

When s3x_SOCIAL was first conceptualized it was intended to be something like Twitter or Tumblr for gay and trans men - only completely porn and sex friendly. But then came Nostr, and all the plans changed… We're now actively working on Nostr-based social media tools.

Who's welcome here

  • LGBT+ folks
  • Pornstars of all genders
  • Fans of pornstars
  • Anyone who likes sex

What's Nostr?

Imagine that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, TikTok, were all just different interfaces on the same feed. And that no corporation controlled what could go on the feed. And it was all done with proper encryption. That's pretty much Nostr.

Nostr is a protocol (a set of standards) that developers can use to build a variety of things - including social media solutions. It is based on "relays" that are the servers that store the messages in the feed and client apps that read from the relays and show you your feed.

Purple ostriches have become the mascot of Nostr…

Why Nostr?

Our Nostr Relay

UPDATE: Our relay now configured and ready for action!

While Nostr was envisioned as a censorship-free social media platform but not all types of content are welcome on all the different relays. Some relays prefer not to have porn, other relays are run by people who don't really like the LGBT community.

Needless to say censoring porn is a problem if you like porn or you're in the porn industry, and LGBTQ folks need a place where they never have to apologize for being themselves. Our relay aims to be a safe space for both the adult industry and the LGBT community. Provided what you post is legal - your sexual content is welcome here!

For now we're making our relay free if you use us for NIP-O5 validation with one of our sites. Those who don't want to have their NIP-05 address be one of ours have the option to pay a small fee to use the relay.

Nostr Equivalent of Twitter's Check Mark

Since Nostr doesn't have a single server keeping track of accounts, identity validation is a bit more complicated than it is with sites like Twitter. To have a easy-to-remember name that others can lookup to find you, you'll need what's called a "NIP-05 identifier". It looks like an email address - but isn't an email addresses.

Verifing your identity on Nostr is FAR easier and cheaper than it is on Twitter which charges individuals $8-11/month and businesses a whopping $1,000+/month. Here's how you get verified on Nostr…

If you have your own website…

Anyone with their own website can verify their own identity with Nostr. Just follow these instructions. There's no need to pay anyone anything!

If you don't have a website…

We're still working on our registration process, but when it's done - to get as your NIP-05 identifier, just register with us and the NIP-05 validation is free. NIP-05 validation also gives you free, basic use of our Nostr relay -

For gay men we offer NIP-05 validation on a variety of other domains such as,,,,

NIP-05 Validated Users

We're still in testing, but here are some of our beta testers who are NIP-05 validated…

And examples of NIP-05 validation of sites…

Free Nostr Services

You don't need to pay to use Nostr or We give you the following for free…

🔜NIP-05 validation (a easy-to-remember identifier you can give out to people you know)
🔜Free use of our relay if you use us for NIP-05 validation
Find Nostr users with similar interests in our directory
See what content we have on our relay that belongs to you or some other user
Have any of your content deleted off our relay
Request that we review/moderate content that's on our relay
Space for your images and short videos on our media server - s3x_drive (under development)
Relay rate limit disabling for the IPs of gay venues who offer wifi to their customers.

Optional Nostr Services

We will are working on a number of advanced features for paid users…

Relay use without NIP-05 validation
Use of the relay without rate limiting (useful if you use multiple clients simultaneously)
Indefinite post retention (the posts of other users will be deleted after ~1-2 years)
The ability to download a backup zip of all your posts
Additional space on s3x_drive and the ability to upload longer videos after identity verification
Ability to restore content that you previously deleted off our relay
Convert the backup of your long-gone Tumblr blog into new, automated Nostr posts!
Pull past posts from other relays and store them in the s3x_SOCIAL relay.

We offer the following for free for the 23,124 gay male pornstars in our database:

  • Relay use without NIP-05 validation
  • Indefinite post retention
  • Pulling posts from other relays and storing them in the s3x_SOCIAL relay.

Images & Videos

Nostr doesn't natively support images and videos. In fact many/most of the relays reject events that are over a few kilobytes in size. That's a problem if you're posting or wanting to view porn.

The way you work around that is to include a URL, and then the client you use (a website or app) will display the contents of the URL in the feed just under the textual part of the note.

To tackle those issues:

  • We'll be making it easier to get URLs for the images on our sites so you have something to post.
  • We'll be launching - a porn-friendly image/video hosting service. Initially this will require some extra steps - uploading the image won't be integrated into the Nostr posting process - but hopefully we can streamline that in the future. Starter accounts will be free, but larger storage and higher resolution images/videos will require payment.