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Tag/Concept: Pretty Boys

Broader Concept

Usually Involves

Phrases w/ Same Meaning

  • pretty boy (singular)

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BBBH: It’s true, blonde’s do have more fun. Just look at his grin while fucking that other jock extra hard. ;)

BBBH: Don’t you think it’s hot to see young jocks rimming? When did you give/get your first rimjob?

BBBH: Nothing like getting a good dicking by your handsome roomate, hm?

BBBH: Hot seeing some younger jocks having some rimming fun before sex ;)

BBBH: Best part of frat parties is the aftermath with all the horny jocks. ;)

MalePrime: Cute young boys!

MalePrime: Incredible body! But his 2wink swimsuit is a bit of a misnomer - he’s no twink! #SmoothMuscle

MalePrime: Impish jocks are hot!