Tag/Concept: Power Bottoms

A bottom who prides himself on being able to take bigger dicks, bigger fists, double penetrations, or get fucked more in a night than other bottoms.

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Phrases w/ Same Meaning
  • power bottom (singular)

BBBH: Tops - Love to fuck a slut that knows how to milk a dick, and you? Do you prefer shy, submissive bottoms or experienced power bottoms?

Antonio Gets A Hot Power Bottom To Ride Him Raw
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BBBH: Tops - What gets you hotter? A really submissive slut or a cock hungry pig?

BBBH: Aarin Asker is such a hot bottom. Muscular, inked and always down to fuck. How could you say no to that hungry hole? ;)

BBBH: Hot damn! Power bottoms are such a turn on! Your cock’s his ride, but he’s the driver. ;)

BBBH: That’s just my kind of bar, raw, raunchy sex right on the dancefloor ;)

BBBH: Double fucking that hungry cumhole raw, just how he loves it ;)

BBBH: Never seen a bottom stick three dicks in at once! He must have been starving for dick for quite a while ;)

BBBH: Power bottoms will ask you to eat them out and fuck them, and won’t take no for an answer ;)

BBBH: Fucking hot! Nothing like a dominant power bottom to bareback with!

BBBH: I know a power bottom when I see it. He’ll milk your cock dry with his ass. Fucking hot!

BBBH: That’s gonna hit deep ;)

BBBH: This pic is so fucking hot don’t you think?

BBBH: He just loves huge dicks that fucking much

BBBH: When your bottom rides the fuck out of your dick

BBBH: Is there anything hotter than fucking a cummy hole?

BBBH: Hot, sweaty, raw sex is the best!

BBBH: Isn’t it hot when a power bottom takes control?

BBBH: Inviting enough?