Tag/Concept: Extreme Penetration

When very large things are inserted into a person's ass during sex, or when any item is inserted particularly deep into a person's ass.

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Usually Involves
Working Men Fisting And Playing With Massive Dildos
5:10, 103K views,
17 ratings, 👍 97%

BBBH: Here’s some hot-as-fuck double penetration for the raunchy, cock-hungry bottoms. ;)

Extreme Ass Punching With Bob And Mucdevil
5:10, 29K views,
5 ratings, 👍 30%
Average-looking Top Is A Cruel Fister
5:09, 84K views,
32 ratings, 👍 97%

BBBH: Some bottoms need more than just one dick to get the job done, and you bet the tops are happy to oblige this slut. ;)

Eddie Can't Wait To Get Fisted
5:10, 33K views,
6 ratings, 👍 50%
James Gets His Ass Expertly Punched
5:10, 179K views,
70 ratings, 👍 96%

BBBH: Hot damn! That hole’s getting some hardcore stretching right there. I’m sure a bottom that horny and sleazy wants it even wider. ;)

Erom Gets His Fist Up Matthias Ass
5:10, 25K views,
3 ratings, 👍 17%
Omnipervert's Ass Used By Alpha Fister Hard
5:10, 37K views,
10 ratings, 👍 95%

BBBH: Fuck yes! Double penetration is such a hot turn on! Stretching a horny bottom’s hole wide, two big dicks at once. ;)

Jesse's Hole Played Around By Lord And His Toys
5:10, 28K views,
2 ratings, 👍 50%
Prolapsing And Filling Hole With Cum
5:10, 102K views,
20 ratings, 👍 90%

BBBH: A week-long sore is worth every second of that brutal, 9 inch cock bareback ass pounding! ;)

Fist Party Of 5 In The Dark Room
5:10, 29K views,
2 ratings, 👍 50%
5:10, 49K views,
20 ratings, 👍 90%

BBBH: One big black dick wasn’t enough for this eager cockslut! What a hungry little pig! Woof! ;)

Two Cadets Caught Pissed On And Used
6:00, 25K views,
6 ratings, 👍 50%

BBBH: Eager, raunchy bottoms get the sling treatment. Bottoms - Ever had the pleasure of getting fucked on a sling?

BBBH: Fuck yeah! Rough is always the way to go! Just add a really thick, juicy cock and you’ll have your bottom moaning out at your whim. ;)

BBBH: You bet that cockslut’s loving the way that daddy’s ravaging his cock hole so hard. Rough is the only way to fuck! ;)