Tag/Concept: Big Pecs

Guys with big pectoralis muscles

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BBBH: Fuck yeah! I’d take all the loads from a muscled hunk like that, no questions asked, no holes barred! Woof!

BBBH: Tops - How raunchy do you like your bottoms? Innocent, shy twinks or cock-hungry leather pigs?

BBBH: Hope you’re ready and lubed up, cumslut, ‘cause daddy’s horny and coming in raw. Sexy as fuck! ;)

MalePrime: Santa’s got some really hot elves this year!

BBBH: Damn! You bet a I love my bottoms eager and horny for cock and a hot, creamy load. ;)

BBBH: Here, have some furry studs having their way outdoors. Wild, messy and raw. ;)

BBBH: Hot damn! Just how I like my men: Big, buff and always horny for cock. Taking it raw, or thrusting it in. ;)

BBBH: Tops - Do you like fucking thinner, younger guys or would you rather breed a bear daddy into submission?

BBBH: Rim or get rimmed? Suck dick or get some head. How do you like heating up for raw, rough sex?

BBBH: Love my bottoms beefy and eager. What about you? Do you prefer slimmer or bulkier bottoms?

BBBH: What a hot fucking sight! Would you rather go for the top or the bottom, or wWould you rather have them both? ;)

BBBH: Tops - Do you like getting your nipples teased or sucked? Any fan of nipple play or pec worship? ;)

BBBH: Best way to finish a passionate raw fuck, with an ass full of cum and a bottom dripping wet

BBBH: If there’s anything better than a ripped top is a beefy, big bottom. Submissive and eager to get fucked. ;)

BBBH: Just look at the face of pleasure on that pig! Slut’s loving every inch of dick and pec squeeze he’s getting ;)

BBBH: Hot damn! Just look at that bottom bounce his ass on that dick all by himself. He really needs it, and needs it raw ;)

BBBH: Hot damn! Nothing gets me harder than a bulky, muscle bottom. What about you? Aren’t big bottoms the best?

BBBH: Look at that pig squirm from getting his nipples toyed with and ass rammed. Damn! Nipple play is so fucking sexy!